Genesis Leather

Mens Huntsman Black Hooded Cowhide Leather Steampunk Goth Matrix Trench Coat


Handmade Stylish Coat Made from Top Quality Supple Leather.

An All time classic Steampunk Soft Leather Coat.
Made from the finest Real Soft Leather. Soft, Supple & light weight. If looked after correctly, this coat will last you a lifetime!
You won’t find such a superb quality leather for such an amazingly low price anywhere!!


100% Genuine Cowhide Leather Imported
A Great Collection of Real Leather Coat for men who wants to look stylish and handsome all the time.
The Premium Quality Material has been used in crafting of every single outfit that gives soft and smooth feeling and keeps you warm in winter season .
Easy to carry, Breathable- Classic Design for fashion -Forward man and them as we well who wants to make their style statement.
Please measure yourself carefully with a measuring tape to avoid any disappointment.
These items are NOT pre-made & will be Hand Crafted upon receipt of your order.

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